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Clover Go app

Take an order and get to the checkout screen faster

The new Inventory Mode lets you view by item or category on the same screen so taking an order will be speedier. Have a new item or special order? Switch to the Quick Mode with one tap, create that order, and give it a name if you want.

For custom items, you can now select the tax rate if needed on the custom item screen without opening Settings. When you’re done, the Checkout button is right there at your fingertips.


Streamlined payment screen

You’ll be able to process a card payment directly from the payment screen. Switch to another form of payment at the bottom with a single tap.


Improved tips flow

Customers will be prompted for tips before they sign for their payments. No more handing the device back and forth during that interaction. And to help you get more tips, the tip line no longer defaults to zero.


Get receipts out faster

Select customers’ emails or phone numbers from your contacts or use the new keyboard options to enter them faster. You’ll be able to quickly enter the top 3 email extensions or tap the @ symbol on the keyboard to pop up the .net, .com, or .org extension.


Additional Admin controls

More Admin controls will become available in Settings. Go there if you want to require employees to enter an item description for custom items, require a transaction memo for every order, or set a default payment note which prefills the payment note field.


Manage multiple accounts with ease

You’ll be able to search for the merchant account you want to switch to and decide whether to switch it for all sessions going forward or only this one.

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