Clover Station Helps New Businesses Keep an Eye on the Future

Clover Station Helps New Businesses Keep an Eye on the Future

What if, as a small business owner, you could simplify your day-to-day operations in a way that would allow you to focus on thinking about how you could grow your business next week?

Or next month?

Or even next year?

Often when starting a new business, there simply isn’t time for planning ahead.

Between the incredibly long hours, few breaks, and little time for sleep, the use of point-of-sale technology that can’t operate as quickly as you do can cause problems with serious consequences for your new business.

Slow transactions can lead to lines out the door—which can lead to your customers taking their business elsewhere.

With Clover Station, you never have to worry about your point-of-sale slowing you down.

From securing transactions with TransArmor®, to gaining insights about your business with Insightics™, to building customer loyalty with Perka™—stream-lining accounting, tracking inventory, managing employees—Clover can do it all, and more.

Clover allows you to know what’s happening at your business even when you’re not there, leaving you more time for planning your next step. With Clover’s cloud-based system customized to your preferences, you can grow your daily productivity like never before.

Many say it’s like having another employee there to watch over what’s happening in your kitchen or on the floor of your store so you can have peace of mind while you’re on the go, making your next move.

Clover Station comes with an attractive touch-screen interface, a card-swiper and bar-code scanner, pre-loaded apps, a receipt printer, and a FD-40 terminal to accept EMV chip cards and contactless payments. You can also add extra equipment like a matching cash drawer, a kitchen printer, and even the Clover Mobile.

Clover can help your business grow, whether you keep a single storefront, or grow to multiple locations, and help you productively manage your daily tasks so you can focus on what’s important—the future of your business.


To discover all the advantages Clover Station, connect with a business consultant today or visit the Clover Station page to initiate a Live Chat instantly and find out how Clover can help change the way you do business.



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