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POS System All in One Solution for Restaurant & Retail

POSsible POS offers a turnkey complete POS system that you can pick up off the shelf, plug in at your business and start using.
Pre-configured Hardware 
Pre-Loaded Software
Restaurant Point of Sale Systems do much more than the typical Restaurant POS Cash Register. Standard restaurant cash registers are simply a place to store money. In comparison, a customized restaurant POS system bundled with a restaurant POS PC and restaurant POS Software will allow your business do so much more.
POSsible POS software fits to keep your business moving fast, and keep it moving smoothly without lags.

POSsible POS QSR software is extremely reliable, easy to learn, and easy to use, so staff spends less time in front of the screen and more time with guests.

POSsible POS Pizza has the flexibility to scale to all business needs. This software is very easy to learn and to teach to your employees. The point of sale system is designed for delivery, carry-out or dine-in type restaurant businesses.

Without a Bar POS System, stealing can be incredibly easy for your bartenders and staff. We´ve heard feedback from many customers stating that revenues "suspiciously" went up 30% within the first week of implementing one of our Bar Point of Sale Systems!

Frozen yogurt is a frozen dessert made with yogurt and sometimes other dairy products. It varies from slightly to much more tart than ice cream, as well as being lower in fat. It is different from ice milk and conventional soft serve.

Many operators have entered the Food Trucks industry for its low operating costs and because the business allows chefs and entrepreneurs to create innovative food that consumers are increasingly gravitating toward. As such, food trucks that offer ethnic cuisines, fusion food and new flavors have performed exceptionally well.

Having a POS System that is right for your business model is critical to getting your business operating at optimal efficiency.

We offer Retail POS Systems that are suitable for small businesses or even multi-store chain operations. We combine customized Retail POS Software, and retail Point of Sale equipment to provide a complete POS Solution for your business.

POSsible POS delivers superior retail POS software applications for the supermarket and grocery environment. 

POSsible POS system has all the necessary ingredients to not only check out the customers quickly, but to track each item being sold. Even in a multi-user environment, POSsible POS is known for its stability on the network.


  • Restaurant & Retail POS Solution
  • Dine-In & QSR
  • Product & Inventory Management
  • Employee Management
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Loyalty & Gift Cards
  • Real-time online reporting
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing
  • Sales and Analytic Reporting
  • Technical Support - 24/7/365 Days

Why Choose POSsible POS 

POSsible specializes in complete POS systems and POS software to meet the needs of almost any business environment,
including restaurants, groceries, salons, convenience stores, and liquor stores, to name a few.
We carry only high-quality, brand name POS Equipment.

Table Side Mobile POS



  • Tableside ordering and payment.
  • Process credit cards and cash payments.
  • Wirelessly send orders to the kitchen or bar.
  • Select or withhold add-ons.
  • Put orders on hold and reopen tickets.
  • Enter Tips.
  • Email receipts on-the-spot.
  • Track the business in real-time.
  • Add products, product categories and change price.
  • Integrate gift cards and loyalty program.
  • Access web-based dashboard analytics in real-time.

Hostess and Table side management

  • Guest and table management
  • Reservations
  • Wait list management
  • Reporting
  • Advanced guest management
  • Text Customers & Staff
  • Custom Table layout

Kitchen Display System


Benefits of KDS Technology:

Order Accuracy
Increase Productivity
Enhance Customer Satisfaction
Inventory Management 


  • Large Screen
    Use any size monitor with an HDMI connection
  • Customizable Layout
    Choose from a large range of layouts
  • Paperless & Environmentally Friendly
    Replace your kitchen printers
  • Easy to Use
    Setup is easy
  • Improved Communication
    Incorporate multiple KDS at your various food/beverage stations
  • Time initiated ticket status indicators
    Color Coded by minutes
  • Multiple item status indicators
    Individual items can be bumped from white to green to blue


Online Analytic Reporting

  • Access all data in one place
  • Graphical Dashboard
  • Optimize operations
  • Sales Data Management
  • Customer Loyalty and Gift Card Audit Trail
  • Credit Card Processing Information
  • Top Selling Analytic reporting


Enterprise Back office

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Fully customized real time Dashboard
  • Salse Detail Reporting
  • End of Day Reporting 

Inventory Control

  • Tracks Complete Inventory
  • Recipe Books
  • Inventory on hand
  • Low Inventory Reporting
  • Inventory by Purchase
  • Future Inventory 


  • Inventory Forecasting
  • Labor Forecasting
  • Wage Forecasting
  • Theoretical Vs
  • Actual Forecasting Reports

Food Cost Analysis

  • Theoretical Vs Actual usage and cost veriances
  • Usage trend and Sales Analysis
  • Complete Recipe Management
  • Ingredients
  • Theoretical Food Cost
  • Actual food usage 

Time & Attendence

  • Complete Employee List
  • Tracks Job
  • Employee Time Clock Management
  • Tip Calculating and Reporting
  • Calculate Payroll Ready Wages
  • Calculate Payroll Taxes 

Labor Scheduling

  • Employee Scheduling
  • Labor Analysis
  • Flexible Pay Periods


Social Media Integration

Connect to:right from your POS System


Loyalty Program and Gift Cards

Custom Plastic Gift Cards.

Signature Card can help give your corporate gift cards a personal touch.

Custom Plastic Gift Cards are a great way to boost sales, build brand loyalty and attract new customers. A corporate gift card program will enhance your ability to motivate gift card recipients to purchase more of your products and services; plus, customers typically purchase even more than the value of the gift card. Plastic Gift Cards can be prominently displayed throughout your store and they are the perfect impulse purchase for the hard-to-shop for person.

Plastic Gift cards are also a perfect way to get your customers involved with a loyalty card program to encourage repeat sales or enroll them in a membership program using our durable plastic membership cards that offers year round advice and savings. Our full color capabilities allow for your custom gift card to be both beautiful and effective.

Custom printed gift cards with your logo and art work can act as a mini billboard in a wallet or purse. Signature Card’s high-quality printers allow you to fully showcase your brand’s specific logo and message on a quality plastic card. Signature Card can also apply a unique barcode or encode the magnetic stripe to work with your current gift card software. Signature Card offers complete P.O.S. gift card/loyalty software if you want to add gift cards to your product line.

If you are just starting out with a gift card program, we can help you every step of the way. If you have one in place, give us a call at 800-767-9585 or request a quote to see how Signature Card’s expertise can help with all of your gift card printing needs. Jump start your gift card program with our stock designs, carriers and display stands. 
You can even create your own. We have the tools for you!


Apple Pay & EMV

EMV and NFC Card reader is the next generation of Payment processing equipment. With an EMV chip reader, you can take payments from traditional magnetic stripe cards as well as the newer chip cards. You'll even be ready to receive contactless payments, like Apple PayTM.
To place an order, please contact us.
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Possible POS System
Spa & Salon Management Made Easy

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