Are You a Boss or a Leader?

We need to be striving not just to be bosses, but to be leaders in the workplace. Our employees will respond better to criticism, be more enthusiastic, and provide more value to our businesses overall when they feel valued and appreciated. An attitude of leadership can help us accomplish this.
Let’s make sure we understand the differences between a Boss and a Leader:
  • A boss drives employees.
  • A leader coaches employees.

  • A boss depends on authority.
  • A leader depends on goodwill.

  • A boss inspires fear.
  • A leader generates enthusiasm.

  • A boss says “I.”
  • A leader says “We.”

  • A boss places blame for breakdowns.
  • A leader fixes the breakdown.

  • A boss knows how it’s done.
  • A leader shows how it’s done.

  • A boss uses people.
  • A leader develops people.

  • A boss takes credit.
  • A leader gives credit.

  • A boss commands.
  • A leader asks.

  • A boss says “Go.”
  • A leader says “Let’s go.”
So are you a “Boss” or a “Leader” in your business?
Let’s all commit today to becoming the best small business Leader we can be. 
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